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About Q Sauce

Q Sauce is the 2014 Flavor of GA Winner!  

For over 20 years, we made the most delicious BBQ sauce that we put in Mason jars and gave to friends and family. Our daughters referred to the sauce as "Q" which was short for BBQ. We constantly heard comments that we should bottle and sell it but instead devoted time to raising kids and other endeavors. As the children grew into teenagers, Jennifer decided to start her own business and turn that delicious BBQ sauce into "Q Sauce Classic". She felt so strongly that it was the best tasting sauce on the market that she entered the "Classic" sauce in the 2013 Flavor of Georgia Competition to see how we stacked up against the competition. The rest, as we say, is "history".  BBQ aficionados know that the types of sauces vary around the country and every region produces their own style. Because of the success of the Award Winning Classic Sauce, Jennifer then decided to come up with the best tasting sauces honoring those styles. The Q Sauce Mustard BBQ Sauce and Q Sauce Vinegar BBQ Sauce will make you think of the Carolinas and Low Country BBQ at their best. The Q Sauce Sweet BBQ Sauce has the Memphis and Kansas City flavors so many love and enjoy. Our latest creation came from the overwhelming feedback of our fans asking for a "Hot" BBQ sauce. The Scorpion Sting BBQ Sauce combines the two hottest peppers in the world (Ghost and Scorpion) with the Award Winning Classic Sauce and makes the best tasting spicy BBQ sauce you've ever tasted. All of our BBQ sauces are all natural and contain no preservatives. We believe that that what you purchase in the bottle should be just as wholesome as the sauces we cooked in our kitchen and contain only the highest quality ingredients. We know you will find less expensive sauces but nobody can beat the flavor of the Q Sauce line of premium BBQ sauces. Nobody.

Why Us?

Why us? Easy! With Q Sauce BBQ sauces, you don't have to sacrifice taste for quality. From our performance in competitions, we know that our sauces are unmatched in taste. However, we also want to make certain that what we share with our friends and family is healthy and wholesome. Compare ingredients. We are All Natural with No Preservatives. Our sauces don't contain high fructose corn syrup or other oddities cooked up in a chemistry lab. Our sauces contain the same ingredients you would use in your own kitchen; ours just taste better!

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