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Recipe Ideas and Cooking Hints

Our Award Winning sauces are perfect on BBQ and a host of other foods.

Here are some great recipe ideas:

Hamburger sliders - substitute for ketchup to kick up the flavor.

  • Ribs or Chicken - Brush on 10 minutes before you remove them from the grill.  Cook a little extra chicken and make a BBQ chicken pizza the next night.

  • BBQ Chicken Pizza - Buy a premade pizza crust or make your own (bake it a least half way before assembling for best results).  Use BBQ sauce instead of marinara sauce, leftover chicken (shredded), grilled onions and pepper jack cheese. 

  • Grilled Shrimp - use 1/2 bottle of sauce with pound of shrimp and shake in a Ziplock bag.  Cook on skewers or in a grill basket at 300 degrees.  I like to cook the shrimp in a pan on the stove so the sauce coats the shrimp heavy and gets sticky and serve them over rice.
  • Wings - grill or bake your wings until crispy.  Place wings in a ziplock bag or container with lid, pour in sauce, and shake.  That's it!  You won't risk burning your wings this way.
  • Bloody Mary - Still working on this one!  Coming soon :)

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